Photo by Danny Manhattan

Photo by Danny Manhattan

Isaiah Rashad Talks Kembe X, UGK and RapGenius

Interview by Eric Montanez  •  August 1st 2012

Back in March, while driving around Austin, Texas, SBG favorite Kembe X told us we needed to check out Tennessee-based rapper Isaiah Rashad. Shortly after receiving that co-sign, we acted upon the advice and can safely say Rashad hasn't left our rotation since. 

We were first put on to your music by Kembe X down at SXSW this year… can you explain that relationship for us?

We met over twitter and he dissed my music over an email. He’s the only artist to give me criticism over my flows. We met in February and ever since then we’ve been brothers. I’m closer to him musically than anyone. We go through the same things


It’s usually a safe bet to assume UGK as an influence of anyone with that Southern Rap style, does that hold true with you? Who else would you list as an influence?

I grew up on UGK, but I was more of an 8ball & MJG, Outkast, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Master P fan. Master P is really the guy who made me want to rap. I was a stan for him as a kid. Erykah Badu is my life though. Her music is my favorite out of everything. Every album. World Wide Undergroud is my favorite


One of SBG’s contributors, DJ Eternity, has been up on your music for longer than any other blogger we know and he’s based out of Pittsburgh. What’s it like having your music noticed all across the country?

I didn’t even know he was from Pixburgh. He posts all my stuff, from the lil singles to the soundcloud joints. Its a blessing honestly though. It lets me know that theres still room for people like us to thrive. I didn’t have to make jingles to get on The Smokers Club Tour. I love everybody for that


I’ve noticed you’re very good about getting your lyrics up on RapGenius and taking the time to explain them – something we love from a fan standpoint. As an artist, what makes you put in this extra effort?

You deserve to know that I’m not putting a bunch of words together for the sake of putting words together. Rap Genius is great for that. You can’t say bullshit now! Its gonna end up looking stupid in front of thousands, not just sound stupid