Meet Sasha Keable

Interview by Eric Montanez  •  May 14th 2014

Behind the strength of her new EP, Lemongrass & Limeleaves, we feel London's Sasha Keable is destined for a break out year. She's already managed to turn heads by working with the likes of Disclosure and Dev Hynes of Blood Orange, and with her being a part Tinie Tempah's Disturbing London label for the better half of the last decade we know she's surrounded by the right people. Last week, we had the opportunity to ask Ms. Keable about all those things and more. Start reading, and learn more about our new favorite (favourite) act from across the pond.

Lemongrass & Limeleaves releases May 19, between "Living Without You" and "Sweetest Talk" it feels like this EP will have a different feel than the last one...

Yeah, it's definitely a different vibe to the last EP, I was a lot less nervous about being honest with my lyrics and I felt like I had a clearer head when I was writing, so that definitely changed the vibe a lot for me. I was really interested in experimenting with rhythms of lyrics and pushing myself within my songwriting which was a lot of fun.

What has it been like seeing the first two releases get such a strong response?

It's been so exciting, It still just amazes me that people even take the time to listen to something I've created. I just can't wait for people to hear the other 2 songs now.

I saw you've been in the studio with Dev Hynes lately, was that for this EP?

No I've been working on some album stuff with Dev, this whole EP was produced by Cinematic who is an amazingly talented producer, we created the whole thing together, it was a great process.

Between the two new singles, the Black Book EP, and your guest appearances, you've put out an impressive variety of sounds - do you feel like we've heard the "true" Sasha Keable just yet?

I don't think I even know what the 'true' Sasha Keable sound is, I know what I like and I make what I like and I don't really think about it in terms of genre or audience, I think anyone who sees me live will know that for me it's about singing and making good music as opposed to drawing in a certain group of people and shoving a catchy melody down their throat. I think I'll always change and adapt my sound according to how I'm feeling.

Your list of influences is pretty eclectic - hip-hop, heavy metal, R&B, 80's pop - do you think that plays a roll in you being able to execute these different types of sounds? 

Yeah, I wouldn't be able to delve into a genre that I didn't know anything about, the fact that I have always been exposed to loads of different music makes it a lot easier to try new things I think. 

Speaking on influences, is it true you have a tattoo inspired by Little Dragon?

Yeah, it's the shadow puppets from their video for 'Twice' that's my favourite song in the world. 

With your collaborations with Disclosure and Zinc garnering so much attention, have you experienced pressure or expectations from fans or press for you to make more dance music?

Not really, it's become quite normal for artists who have their roots in other genres to collaborate with dance artists, I think the expectation to produce more dance music is gone now.

What's it like watching your fan base grow outside of the UK?

It's crazy, I love when people outside the UK hit me up on twitter or something and are like "Come to New York!" Or whatever, I'm just like, damn I would if I could! One day soon hopefully! 

We've seen you mention you'd love to move to New York.. you must have yet to visit Chicago haha... what is it about NY you like so much? 

I just love the energy, I love being in the city, I love the lights, I love the people, I'm from London so it's just like home but on Acid. I'm gonna move there soon. Chicago sounds cool though.

Similarly to what is going on in Chicago right now, the London music scene has been producing a lot of young, hometown talent. Talk to us about getting to be a part of that, and who are some of the other artists we should check out?

I feel really lucky to be a part of this whole London movement, it's sick to be able to talk to people my age about what's going on within the industry and the experiences were having. You should check out my boy Loyle Carner.

You've been working with Disturbing London since you were 14, what's it been like growing up with them through the years?

It's been a blessing, I can't imagine trusting anyone but my manager, my team are my family, but sometimes that can mean we communicate like family which can be tough, but just like family were so tight that nothing can come between us.

You're 20 years old, have a great EP ready to be released and are gaining more attention by the day... what exciting things can we expect from you in coming months?

I'm playing a headline show on the 26th of May and doing a few festivals here and there, apart from that I'm gonna be writing my first album.