A Good Trp

Interview by William Croghan  •  June 22nd 2015

We first came across The Trp during the roll out of their Yahuda EP alongside Michael Tousana last year and instantly knew they were an act that was going to be a See Beyond Genre favorite for years to come. After not receiving much new music in the time since, we had to check in with the guys one to see how everything was going...

It’s been almost a year since the release of your (fantastic) collaborative EP Yahuda with Michael Tousana, we’re looking forward to more new material, what do you guys have in store?

Thanks… Firstly we have some tracks exploring other sides of The Trp the world hasn’t heard yet, organic-misty-electro to exotic-jazz-rap to some more darker corners of The Trp. We’re working on a concept EP right now that feels like f*cking in fluorescent crystal caves on another planet.


How did you guys get together with Tousana? What sparked the idea to create the full EP?

It was all luck. We met Tousana randomly on the street. Then started hanging out and exchanging music. There was a moment when Michael sent us the bones to a song, it was "Leon de Yahuda", it was just a synth line, guitar line and some rough vocals. And we throw in some drums, e-piano, bass and vocal ideas. He emailed us back something like “This is the most beautiful piece of art I've heard, we need to do a project.”, we were stoked he liked the collaboration as much as we did and from that point we started working on YAHUDA.


We know you guys prefer to remain mostly anonymous but what can you tell us about yourselves?

We love ancient mythology from around the world, ancient Egypt, Greece, Mayans... We use Basecamp for music religiously. Ratchet and Clank 3 & Abe's Exoddus are some of our favorite games.


Why is there no i in “The Trp”?

There’s many reasons but mostly because it represent non-individual music. It’s a group thing, even beyond us band members, it’s everyones music.


Who are some of your major influences, both current and past? Both in music and other aspects as well, who has helped shaped the vision for The Trp?

Herbie Hancock, Lonnie Liston Smith, The Neptunes, D'Angelo, Manu Chao, Kaidi Tatham... Movies like Fantastic Planet, Alice in Wonderland, all those weird Jim Henson Sci-Fi films, Princess Mononoke.


Being from here we always got to ask - Any Chicago artist you're currently vibing with at the moment?

Chance The Rapper we love the soulful direction of his music, Vic Mensa, Dos Global (Tousana) who is partly from Chicago, we’ve had a glimpse of his new solo EP that’s in the works and it’s groundbreaking, The GTW.


When can we expect a tour? What kind of things will your be trying to make happen in your live performances?

Unfortunately we wont be doing much traditional touring in the near future. Most of our touring will be bad ass parties in warehouses across the country, with post auditory experiences. The most we can say right now is people will enter inside the songs and it will feel like nothing they’ve felt before.


Any last thoughts to leave the readers with?

Do your kegels. Oh and watch Fantastic Planet tonight, your mind will be blown.